In Party Hard 2, you didn’t get your Christmas bonus, and now it’s time to get your revenge–by killing everyone! Of course, if you don’t get your bonus in real life, you should not do that. That is very bad. And kind of illegal, I think (though I’m not sure).

Regardless, Party Hard 2 blends a mix of many different games together into something that’s a pretty enjoyable time, and it really makes you think. For those that love being master planners and plotting out their every move before moving out and taking down their targets–like in Hitman–this game is for you.

The visual style of the game is perfect for the top-down perspective that it gives you, and clearly makes targets and interactive objects stand out. Things like jukeboxes and soda machines can be rigged to explode after a couple of seconds–perfect for trapping victims or funneling them into another trap. Players can also find things like gas cans and bear traps to lay wherever they please, which create controlled havoc at any given moment. In the demo I got to play at PAX East this year, it was a night club scene where I was tasked with taking down multiple targets, along with a couple of other smaller tasks. The base form of attack that you have in the game is a one-hit-kill stab attack, alongside all of the aforementioned murder tactics.

The game, for the one level that I got to play, was very cool, and I actually played it a couple times. I played it trying to be as stealthy as possible; I tried to avoid having to hide or be seen at all; and then, I played through as fast as possible, just kind of blowing people up and stabbing everyone. It worked out either way, really, so it does accommodate a number of different playstyles, which is awesome and gives the game replay value.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think of the game. Did you like the original? Do you plan on getting Party Hard 2?


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