All the years I have spent playing Assassin’s Creed has prepared me for one game and that one game is Party Hard.  I had the opportunity to preview Party Hard in its distorted, pixelated glory while I was in attendance at PAX East.

All you want to do is sleep, but your neighbors music is so loud that it keeps you up. The only logical thing to do in the video game world is to go on a murdering rampage to correct the issue, right? Party Hard is all about getting even with your rowdy neighbors and by getting even I mean murdering them, albeit stealthily.


I started playing the game very cautiously because I did not know what to expect. The next thing I knew I was on a murdering roll. I would follow a party goer into a room and then stab him to death, but if another party goer finds the dead body, he or she will quickly call the police, which ends the murderous fun. If there are enough people around it is easy to blend in by getting jiggy with it. The less people there are, the harder it gets to blend in though.

Stabbing someone is not the only way to get the dirty deed done, you will also be able to set traps for those pesky party people. You can turn on the gas to the stove and if a party goer lights a cigarette near the stove then he or she goes up in flames. You can also have a bookcase fall on someone if he or she gets too close. There is also a chance that the police car will take out some of the party people when approaching the house. Again, the objective of Party Hard is to get rid of all 28 annoying guests at your neighbor’s house.

What I was shown at PAX East will not be the final build of the game. There are still plenty of changes to come. The game is set to be released this year on Steam, iOS, and Android. The game will eventually be released on consoles, but a date has yet to be determined.


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