Pathologic Hits Funding, New Spooky Screens Released

It is with great pleasure today that we celebrate the news of Ice-Pick Lodge’s Pathologic remake hitting its KickStarter funding.

As September came to a close, the Russian developer achieved its goal of raising $250,000 in order to fully remake and remaster the horror classic.

Now, with four days left until the KickStarter campaign comes to a close, Pathologic is making the final push to hit $300,000. Hitting this target will allow Ice-Pick Lodge to work on the ‘Town Extended’ stretch goal, bringing more life, dialogue and questlines to the game’s central, atmospheric location.

In celebration of Pathologic’s funding, Ice-Pick Lodge has released new artwork and screenshots, showcasing both the haunting vision of the game as well as the wonderfully improved visuals.

More information regarding Ice-Pick Lodge’s plan and efforts to revisit Pathologic can be found by heading to the official KickStarter page.


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