“Paws Play” Series Premiere Puts Pets Into Star Trek

There is honestly nothing better than dogs and cats in costumes, I mean, come on. Little puppies and kitties dressed up in people clothes, even the Devil himself would find that cute. The only thing better than dogs and cats dressed up in people clothes is a YouTube series of dogs and cats getting dressed up in people clothes. Here is the good news, PawsPlay is exactly that!

I’ve always been a huge sucker for all animals including cats and dogs and I gotta say, this premiere episode of PawsPlay made me explode with smiley happiness. Each episode takes one die-hard fan and creates one-of-a-kind cosplay outfits for their pets.  Once the costumes are complete, they recreate a scene from that movie/show, but instead, the pet takes the place of that character in their new cute costume. The YouTube channel plans to take on Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Game of Thrones and much more in episodes to come.

In the series premiere, you meet the quirky host, Lee Newton “Internet Wizard”, who I absolutely adore. She’s super cheesy, but a totally great host for something like this. The first pair of pets you meet are a cat named Nimoy and a dog named Scoundrel who belong to a super cute couple who love Star Trek! The rest of the episode consists of the two animals getting their cute new costumes as Spock and Kirk, and then they star as those characters in a movie short.

I strongly suggest this YouTube series to everyone, including children. As a 20 year old, I enjoyed watching PawsPlay. Even if you’re not a fan of Star Trek, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones (which is a little crazy), you would still definitely enjoy this series.

PawsPlay is available weekly on DEFY Media’s AweMe channel on YouTube! Check it out right now, I promise it’ll make your day that much better.


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