Albino Lullaby is a creepy, terrifying experience that is best experienced with the Oculus Rift, which is how I played it at PAX. The game contains no blood, no gore, no jumpscares, nothing cliché, this game just relies on its terrifying atmosphere and playing with your mind around every corner. Nobody is going to be popping out and screaming at you, but they will be wandering around, perhaps harmlessly, or they may stare at you from a distance, adding to the eerie atmosphere.


They may also chase you, although I never had that happen to me, as I didn’t get too far in the demo. They are the grandchildren, and they are Grandmother’s watchers, they are her eyes and ears, and her terrifying stumpy snuggle-toothed nightmare fuel.


Besides them, the environment is constantly moving and alive, and wastes no time making you feel like there is always someone behind you, even when there’s no one there. Furniture will flip over by itself, stuff will break, things will change completely when you turn around, it’s just really unsettling and makes it scary to keep playing. I kept wanting to stop yet still keep playing, it was so scary I just couldn’t move on, yet so interesting that I had to.


I had to take the headset off after about 20 minutes because I was just too scared to press on, and had to take a breather, so I just let the next person go, and they didn’t last long either. It’s a great game, and for people looking for a fresh, non stereotypical horror experience, check out Albino Lullaby, and if you have the Oculus, you absolutely have to take a dive into this game, because it was made to be played on the Oculus.


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