Now, I’m not one for tablet games, I never really felt like they were ever as good as console or PC gaming devices, so I always just saw it as a cheap kind of cash-in to get money out of gamers so they’d have something to play while they go to the bathroom or something. Leap of Fate changed my mind about that, because it’s a pretty awesome game and makes me rethink the whole tablet gaming scene, because there are some gaming genres that I didn’t really think would work on a tablet, and a twin-stick shooter is one of them.


For the first few levels, Leap of Fate starts things off pretty easy, there aren’t many enemies, and they just kind of run at you and wait for you to mow them down, but it gives you a feel for how you control the game and how shooting and spells work. Once a few levels go by, the difficulty starts ramping up pretty fast, and new enemies start getting thrown into the mix, and it doesn’t take many hits to die. Speaking of dying, it’s a rogue-like, which means that when you die, you start all over, from level one, but the game is always changing, so no two playthroughs are exactly the same. You’ll still level up the same way and be able to unlock the same abilities, but you may be able to do it faster or slower depending on what cards are drawn for you on each playthrough. It’s pretty cool to see what cards are drawn for you each time you play, and fighting is fast, fun, and addictive, if a bit difficult at times.


This game definitely prides itself on being hard, I know the developers were congratulating people that got pretty far in the demo, and I think I had the second highest score and I made it almost all the way through the demo before I bit the dust. It was so fun I wanted to try again, but there were a bunch of people waiting for it, so I passed the tablet onto the next victim.

The amount of customization that was available for a tablet RPG impressed me, and I thought it was pretty kickass that the developers put so much time, work, and love into their game. If I start tablet gaming anytime soon, it will definitely be with Leap of Fate.


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