Trends come and go all the time when it comes to video games, probably more so with indie games. With that being said, pixelated games was all the rage at PAX East. Pixelated indie gems were everywhere, but nothing compared to Axiom Verge. While I did not get the opportunity to get hands-on with the game, I was able to see attendees have fun with the game.

I had the opportunity to speak to Dan Adelman about Axiom Verge.  Adelman did confirm what was being shown at PAX East was the final build of the game. Tom Happ is the sole creator of the game, and it was interesting to learn that Axiom Verge started out as a hobby a few years ago. Adelman stated that Happ wanted to combine his favorite elements from Contra and Metroid to see if they would work together. The more that Happ worked on the game, the more it blossomed into its own entity.

Axiom Verge is a 2-D side scrolling action shooter that really makes you feel like you are playing an old school 16-bit game, except it’s 2015. There is a lot of exploring to be done in Axiom Verge and the game rewards you for it. The more you explore, the more upgrades and new weapons you will find to help you get through the game.


The game might be a throw back to what most gamers grew up playing, but there is also a sci-fi story to be told. Trace is a scientist that is killed in an experiment gone wrong. When he wakes up in another world he learns that his mind has been backed up. Now it is up to him to find out what happened and if Trace is still really Trace.

Axiom Verge will be released on March 31 for the Playstation 4. You will be able to crossplay the game on your PS Vita, but that will not happen right away. There has not been a release date determined for the PS Vita. Axiom Verge is slated to be released on PC at a later time this year. The game will cost you $19.99, but based off of what I saw it will be worth it.

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