PAX East 2015 Preview: Boot Hill Heroes 2

The JRPG has become a popular template for many indie developers these days. Dave Welch of Experimental Gamer Studios already showed off his prowess with Boot Hill Heroes, a wild west JRPG that follows the exploits of Kid, Doc, Moon and Rosy following as they track down notorious gangs. Now he’s back for more with Boot Hill Heroes 2.


BHH2 is a classic JRPG in every sense of the word. You’ll spend your time exploring dungeons, open fields and towns in search of new gear and information. The combat is an active time based system with a focus on mixing and matching your characters’ strengths and weaknesses. Ability usage is dictated by speed so a light attack won’t do as much damage but will be quicker to use and vice versa for stronger attacks. The game takes a cue from games like Guild Wars 2 as you gain new abilities by equipping new gear. This adds a strategic layer to combat as you might use Doc for stuns while Rosy and Kid deal damage.

The big twist that the original game brought to the genre, despite being a turn based RPG, was 4-player coop. While one player controls the party on the map, characters are controlled by different players in combat. This can be split up if you have less than 3 player as well. My time at PAX was spent using Kid, Doc and Rosy while Dave supported me with Moon.


Boot Hill Heroes was a fun nostalgic throwback to westerns and JRPGs alike and the sequel looks to be more the same with subtle improvements to the formula. Boot Hill Heroes 2 is currently aiming for release sometime late this Summer.


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