Do you know what would make Batman better? If he was Little Red Riding Hood and a raging alcoholic. For better or worse, that’s exactly what the Grimm Bros are doing with Dragon Fin Soup.

Dragon Fin Soup, a top down action RPG with tactical elements, tells the story of Red, a drunken bounty hunter who spends her days killing monsters and drinking at the tavern. The game takes place on the back of a dragon turtle god, Asura.

The entirety of DFS is played on a grid map. There aren’t any turns involved and you actively move through different locations as you hunt down monsters, complete quests, and find better gear. This gear includes pets to assist you in combat and different kinds of bullets for your gun. As you fight, you’ll also gain new skills and magic spells to help you conquer the game’s harder areas.


Combat is a mix of action and tactical turn based combat. The moment you make a move, your enemy will do the same. This lets players treat it as either a tradition turn based game or action game depending on their preferred style of play. If you’re a true masochist, you can attempt to tackle the story on hardcore mode. Like other games with this difficulty, one death and it’s game over.

After experiencing the game’s story, you’re able to jump into Survival mode – a score attack mode – that lets you test your combat skills as you start at level one and level up as you would in story mode. Or you can tackle a similar mode, Endless Labyrinth, in which you tackle the game’s various dungeons. Both modes give you one life to get as far as you can.


I got some hands on time with an early build of the Vita version as well. Despite the obvious issues any early build will have like long load times and lag, it played very well. The touch controls were precise and Dragon Fin Soup seems like the perfect game to take on the road.

Dragon Fin Soup takes established characters and lore and creates a quirky tale of revenge. It’s Batman meets Grimm Fairy Tales and everything I never knew I wanted. The Grimm Bros are currently aiming for release sometime this Summer for PC, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 & 4. While they’re still working on cross save functionality, the game will be cross-buy on Sony’s platforms.

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