The mixture of tower defense and third person action is nothing new, and normally, Fortified by Calpfoot Games wouldn’t be anything interesting. However, thanks to a unique and quirky style, it’s promising to be one of the more fun titles of the year.

Fortified mixes third person action with tower defense/moba style gameplay. The catch is that it uses a distinct 1950s lo-fi sci-fi style. You’ll fight robots that look like men in cheesy looking costumes or slow moving robotic like aliens that look straight out of 1953’s War of the Worlds. There will be a story present in motion comics but there aren’t many details yet on what exactly the story will be; however, you can¬†expect it to follow the 1950s sci-fi style.


You’ll have access to four character classes, the Captain, a support class who focuses on buffs and summoning minions, the Rocket Scientist, an explosives specialist who can fly above the battlefield, the Agent, who gets to use alien tech, and the Spaceman, a middle of the road class who’s focus is on crowd control. Each character will have different weapon and skill loadouts to choose from and more will unlock as you gain experience. These characters adhere to the 1950s style as well with plenty of old adventure/space movies on clear display.


Matches take place on various “battlefields” in the streets of cities. The team has a certain amount of time to place turrets and traps around the field before each wave begins. It then plays out as a typical tower defense game. You’ll travel between points on the map and hold off enemies as you prevent them from reaching your main base. In between waves, you’ll have time to lay out more towers. Each match lasts four waves and ends with a giant boss who can take some serious punishment and dole out plenty of his own.

While Fortified is still in its early stages, its style elevates it above other games of the same genre and gameplay is quick and gratifying. The martians are landing on Xbox One and PC later this Summer.

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