PAX held a ton of stuff for me; World Of Battleships was the last game that I got to check out before I had to leave, and it was definitely a good way to end the convention. The newest entry in the World Of games looks to be pretty impressive even compared to the previous games, with new gameplay mechanics that really add to the whole ocean warfare.

USS North Carolina_04

There’s all different kinds of ships that you can choose from, so it’s not just a bunch of battleships pitted against each other, but instead there are battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, and others. What’s cool is how different each one plays. You can pick the battleship and zip around the battlefield trying to pick off enemy ships with torpedoes and big deck-mounted guns. On the flip side, you can pick the aircraft carrier, sit around the backside of the battlefield, launch your planes in certain directions, and plan out how you want to move around the sea. It may sound like the best class to some, but you have to remember a few things: you’re a carrier, so all you have for guns are a couple AA guns and nothing really besides that. You have a lot of armor, but if you get set on fire you’re pretty much screwed. You also have a limited number of planes as they don’t regenerate or come back. You can’t try to build more on the ship, so you have to keep your planes pretty safe when you send them out by not leaving them out in the wide open with a bunch of ships around, or they’ll get obliterated.  Keep your guys safe, and they’ll rack up the kills for you, or really mess up the flow of the battle for the enemy team, opening them up for your other teammates.


This is definitely a tactical game and no matter what class you pick, you can’t just rush in and start trying to blow shit up because you’ll get yourself killed. You really want to coordinate your attacks with your teammates, flank enemies, and use all of the weapons at your disposal to destroy the enemy team. For those of you who are fans of World of Tanks, and strategic war games, Warships is a game you’re going to want to pick up and start playing. The amount of customization, ship choice, and ways to blow people up is wicked in depth, and sure to be a collectaholic’s dream.



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