PAX East Preview: Black Ice

Borderlands meets Tron with a little Diablo flavoring. That’s what Black Ice, a new cyberpunk hacking-based first-person shooter from Super Duper Garrett Cooper, is.

The game’s art style is Tron with a dash of Star Fox, as it’s made up of brightly lit polygons. While it can be a strain on the eyes at first, you quickly get used to it.


In Black Ice, you’ll travel around a procedurally generated map as you hack terminals, level up, get new gear and improve your abilities. The gameplay is focused on finding terminals, initiating a hack and defending your position. Combat takes the form of arena style shooters, as you’ll be locked into a specific area for the duration of the scenario.

Black Ice takes the Guild Wars 2 approach when it comes to active combat abilities. Rather than give you a set list of abilities for the entire game, your repertoire of moves is based on the gear you currently have equipped.


There will also be a multiplayer aspect to the game which includes both cooperative and player versus player modes. While the details on co-op are sparse, the PvP will be a competitive version of the main game. In this mode, teams will race against the clock to hack as many terminals as they can.

Black Ice is currently in Early Access on Steam and will be available later this year for PC, Mac and Linux.


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