PDP’s Upcoming Themed Controllers for Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and the NFL Are Works of Art

PDP is well known for its third party video game accessories and peripherals, and its product lineup for the fall is packed with some amazingly detailed themed controllers that one could almost consider works of art. Everyone’s definition of what makes something art is different, but after seeing them at E3 and being able to check them out in an up close and personal setting, I do think they’re very artistic controllers that also pack in more functions than standard first party controllers.

There are three controllers in particular that really stood out to me as being very detailed and something I would almost consider a collectible. These are Xbox One controllers themed around Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and the NFL. The video game themed controllers perfectly capture the brand they’re representing, but they also have multi-function wheels, which provide similar functions to the paddles that come with the coveted Xbox One Elite Controller. They also have an onboard 3.5mm audio jack, so they don’t require a headset adapter like the standard Xbox One controllers do for premium headsets.


Functionality aside its their style that stand out to me. The Battlefield 1 controllers feature woodgrain grips and a polished steel chassis, which do sort of resemble weaponry from the WWI era. The Titanfall 2 controller on the other hand is forest green and modeled after the chassis of a Titan, so it too resembles the franchise it’s based on. They just look and feel like little sculpted gems, so I could see people buying them solely based on their design over an actual need for a new controller.

The NFL controller on the other hand is equally as impressive looking, but it’s more of a basic controller, so it doesn’t have some of the features as the two mentioned above. Although, based on what the PDP rep told me they had planned for them you still may find yourself feeling the need to own one. Apparently the licensing is still being ironed out with the NFL, but PDP would like to make jersey faceplates out of actual jersey material, and other team themed faceplates for the base controller. The NFL controller is completely faceplate swappable, so when you buy the base unit you get it with a pigskin cover and one free faceplate, which will probably be in your team’s colors. I wish I could share some of the pictures I took of the NFL faceplate template, because if they get approved by the NFL they’ll make for great gifts for the hardcore sports fans and gamers in your life.


All three controllers are due to release right around the time the franchises they’re based on are getting new games, or in the case of the NFL, the start of the season. All three controllers retail for $59.99 and can be ordered today.

You can pre-order the NFL controller from Amazon with a September 6th ship date. You can pre-order the Titanfall 2 controller with an October 3rd release date. Finally, you can pre-order the Battlefield 1 controller with a November 9th release date. I also recommend checking out the Ogio Titanfall 2 bag, which I saw at the show and found it to be a great bag for gamers. I can hold a 17″ monitor!


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