‘Peanuts’ Gang Goes Digital With Launch of New Bubble-Shooter ‘Snoopy Pop’

Charles M. Schulz, the mastermind behind Peanuts, is a creative too easily forgotten. Even without constant recognition Peanuts continues to stay relevant in popularity. We may not see too much from Charlie Brown and the gang these days, but looking back fondly upon their adventures just got a whole lot easier. Snoopy Pop launches today on mobile devices, and there’s much to celebrate.

A bubble-shooter may not sound like the type of game for authentic narrative, but Snoopy Pop comes from the artists, animators, and storytellers over at Peanuts Worldwide. And in conjunction with mobile developer veteran Jam City? It’s a promising combination. Woodstock and his flock of birds have been trapped in bubbles, and it’s up to you to free them from their spherical cages. Jam City’s support of the Schulz legacy doesn’t end there, however.

Charles Schulz, and his wife, Jean Schulz, have both been longtime supporters of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI)—a charity that provides highly trained assistance dogs to veterans and those with disabilities. To celebrate the launch of Snoopy Pop, Jam City announced the company will be donating $100,000 to CCI.

“Jam City is proud to be launching a game with one of the world’s most iconic brands.  Creating a game with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang has been a labor of love for our artists, storytellers and technical teams,” said Josh Yguado, co-founder, President and COO of Jam City. “Additionally, and in honor of Charles M. Schulz’s legacy and love for the organization’s mission, Jam City is moved to be supporting the important work of Canine Companions for Independence through Snoopy Pop.”

While a good heart does not a good game make, it’s worth noting Jam City’s committed involvement with the series’ creators. Snoopy Pop contains a nice collection of characters, levels, worlds—even smaller iconic touches like Charlie Brown’s Kite—and there are more to come with regular updates to the game. In-game events will come and go to keep the bubble-shooter as lively as the Peanuts gang themselves, and they’re entirely based on classic storylines and holiday specials from the series. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into one of Snoopy’s alternate personas? The Flying Ace, perhaps? Only time (and playing Snoopy Pop) will tell.

Oh, and Snoopy Pop brings with it original licensed music from the Peanuts holiday specials. And who doesn’t want to sit and listen to Schroeder jam on the piano? I’ll be right next there next to you, Lucy.

You can download Snoopy Pop from the App Store and Google Play today!


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