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I’ll never make a big budget Summer blockbuster like Jon Favreau, or even work with VFX for that matter, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the art of making movies in the 21st century.  I love watching behind the scenes featurettes, and other types of making-of documentaries to see how these amazingly VFX heavy films get made with today’s latest and greatest technologies and processes.  This is why I was highly intrigued by a mini-doc on postvisualization from the Previsualization Society.

The Previsualization Society is a group of film industry workers who dedicate themselves to advancing the “Previs” process and technologies utilized during it.  Previs for all intents and purposes is one of the earliest, if not the first stage in making a movie these days.  Through computer technology Directors and their teams can more or less hash out a rough version of their film using CG content to show off to the stiffs in charge to either get more cash for a film, or to initially pitch a film to a room full of corporate types – aka Dummies.

Out of the previs process a new one has spawned called postvis, or postvisualization, which deals with mixing rudimentary VFX elements in with the actual filmed footage to help the crew with editing, test footage, and other functions that take place after the principal photography stages of a movie are completed.  Rather than keep reading my thoughts on the matter I encourage you to watch a slick little 15 minute documentary on the concept of postvisualization, and how it had spawned a whole new department when it comes to making movies these days.  The documentary focuses on projects from VFX champions such as Jon Favreau (Iron man), Rick Mcallum (Producer of prequel SW films), and others.  It’s a fantastic look into the world of postvis that gives geeks a glimpse at what happens behind close doors on some of their favorite film franchises from this century.  Check it out below and get learned!  You’ve been wishing that you got to work in the movies…


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