Perception Features Echolocation, Blind Protagonist

Perception, newly announced by Boston-based developers The Deep End Games, is looking to take horror into a new direction.

By placing players in the shoes of Cassie, a blind woman intent on exploring a haunted mansion, Perception will keep players on their toes as Cassie’s vision impairment leads to some interesting investigative moments.

Cassie, despite her disability, is still a capable explorer. Bolstered by impressive hearing, razor-sharp wit and some downright badass echolocation.

The trailer (seen above) for Perception gives viewers a great glimpse of what to expect from gameplay. As Cassie investigates the eerily still manor, she pings off of the environment, getting a quick peek at her surroundings.

The first official Perception screenshots can be found in the gallery below, showing off some of the game’s locations.

While Perception certainly sounds like an interesting, if not hard to understand video game premise. The Deep End’s pedigree, which includes former BioShock and Dead Space developers, indicates that Perception might just have what it takes to subvert the entire horror genre.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and information regarding Perception as it becomes available.


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