Persona 5 Delayed Into 2016

Atlus announced earlier today that Persona 5 will not be releasing this year.

While it’s a bummer to hear that Persona 5 won’t be available until summer 2016, it isn’t exactly surprising. Persona 5 was slated to release towards the end of this year, but little has been heard regarding the game’s development in quite some time. With a pushed back release window, the odds of Atlus nailing the tone and atmosphere that has made Persona so successful, are significantly increased.

Atlus’ comment regarding Persona 5’s delay can be found in full below.

The strengths of the Persona series are compelling characters, a moving, relatable story, and a borderline obsession with minutiae – elements which can’t be rushed or taken lightly. So while Atlus realizes the frustration and disappointment that this must cause for the JRPG-loving public, please know that we are delaying the game in order to make sure the next iteration of the Persona series lives up to the expectations of fans.

Persona 5 will be coming next year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


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