Peter Jackson Vlog Goes Behind the Scenes with ‘The Hobbit’

Ah, the live-action version of ‘The Hobbit’ is finally in production after what seems like 50 years worth of negotiations, lawsuits, and rumors.  To make things official, Peter Jackson the film’s director and the brilliant visionary behind the ‘LOTR’ trilogy, has uploaded a 10 minute blog on his Facebook page to give Middle Earth fans something to salivate over while they patiently wait for ‘The Hobbit’ film to come out.

Being quite the Tolkien fanboy myself I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to know that this project is finally up and running!  In my opinion, the Tolkien Universe is one of the most brilliant creations ever imagined in the history of man, and Peter Jackson’s ‘LOTR’ trilogy has to be one of the most well done book-to-film projects of all-time.  The early part of this century was a geek’s wet dream with the release of Jackson’s masterpiece, and by the looks of things in this newest behind-the-scenes short from ‘The Hobbit’, I think we’re in for another treat!

I just love how well Jackson documents his movie making process.  I remember watching every making-of featurette on the ‘LOTR’ DVDs and being amazed at what goes into making a big-budget flick.  Peter and his team do a wonderful job at showing fans of the Tolkien Universe, as well as film fans, how to make a movie that will generate more money than most 3rd World country’s GDP.

If you’re interested in how to make bada*s movies, or how ‘The Hobbit’ movie is shaping up, I suggest you take a look at the first of many behind-the-scenes shorts for Peter Jackson’s next masterpiece.  You’ve also gotten emotional while watching this video…

The Hobbit Start of Production Video from the Set



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