Peter Jackson’s Two Hobbit Films Officially Get Named!

The two Hobbit films began filming a few months ago, but up until now they haven’t had official titles, but that all changed today.  The first of two Hobbit movies will be called, ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’, which will be released in December of 2012.  The second and final Hobbit movie will be called, ‘The Hobbit: There and Back Again’, which will be released in December of 2013.  To be honest with you I think the names are perfect, and for uber Tolkien geeks they shouldn’t come as a surprise as both of them are mention in his works (Unexpected Journey is the first chapter of “The Hobbit”, and There and Back Again is actually part of the book’s 1937 title).  So what do you think about the monikers for Jackson’s Hobbit films?  Let us know by using the comment section below.  You’re just glad the studio didn’t go with, ‘The Hobbit: Attack of the Spiders’ and ‘The Hobbit: Revenge of the Dwarves’…


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