Philip Silvera & Derron Ross Talk About Blur Studios Fantastic Videogame Trailers

If you consider yourself a videogame fan then you must know about the amazing work that Blur Studios does for the industry.  Blur Studios is the “go to” animation house for most triple-A games when it comes to planning and releasing the initial cinematic trailer for the game.  Essentially, if you have a big budget title you’re going to go to Blur if you want a jaw-dropping cinematic trailer to get waves of fanboys on board for the ride.  In fact, you may remember some of the games that Blur has worked their magic on.  Do you know of a small little game called Batman: Arkham City?  How about DC Universe Online?  Never heard of those?  Well how about Star Wars: The Old Republic?  As you can see their track record is undeniable, Blur IS the studio to go to if you want your videogame’s initial cinematic trailer to make an impact on the gamers that are meant to buy it!

At this year’s E3, MSNBC caught up with some of the folks that make these Blur trailers come to life.  In an interview with Animation Supervisor Derron Ross, and Stunt Coordinator/Fight Choreographer Philip J Silvera, we learn about what it takes to make the most kick-ass videogame trailers in the Galaxy.  Silvera also happens to be the bada*s who played Batman in both the Batman: Arkham City trailer, and the DC Universe Online trailer, and if that wasn’t awesome enough he also plays the Sith Inquisitor in the latest “Return” trailer for Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.  How’s that for one of the most awesome jobs of all-time?  Not many people can say they’ve played Batman and a Sith in their lifetime can they?

Silvera as an Older Batman in the DC Universe Online Cinematic

You may also remember Silvera from some of the more recent Freddie Wong projects where he and fellow Action Factory Stunts member Eric Linden brought their body busting talents to the small screen.  In fact, Action Factory team member Eric Linden served as the Assistant Stunt Coordinator on Blur’s recent SW:TOR “Return” trailer, which you can watch after the break.  Of course none of these amazing stunt filled videogame trailers would never come to light if it weren’t for the talents of Blur Studios and its Director/Owner Tim Miller.  Miller’s talents and his studio’s work has lead to an awesome bit of geeky news in that he’ll be directing the upcoming Deadpool film starring Ryan Reynolds of recent Green Lantern fame!

Derron Ross Getting Tortured in Batman: Arkham City Cinematic

It’s plain to see that Blur Studios is a force to be reckoned with in both the Film/TV and Videogame industries.  They put out THE best trailers for our big budget games, and if it weren’t for the hard work of people like Miller, Silvera (Film Reel), Ross, Linden, and the rest of the Blur crew we’d be left with less than awe-inspiring gameplay trailers.  Blur takes mo-cap and animation technology to the next level, which is exhibited in every piece of work that they put out.  I for one can’t wait for their next project in the videogame space, and I’d imagine there’s a few of you out there that are excited by a little film called Deadpool, which they’ll be taking the lead on as well.  To check out the E3 interview with Philip J Silvera and Derron Ross head on down below.  I’ve also posted one of their latest Star Wars trailers below, which contains the stuntman talents of both Silvera and Linden.  You’ve been wishing that your fat a*s could play Batman too…

Blur Studios Interview with Derron Ross and Philip J Silvera


Star Wars: The Old Republic “Return” Trailer


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