Pikachu Is Over Fighting in Cheeky Pokemon in Real Life Short

The Nukazooka YouTube channel is back with another one of its video games in real life shorts, and this time they take on Pokemon. 

In the short, which is titled, “Let’s Go Pikachu”, Pikachu doesn’t feel like doing battle for his master, which results in a pretty funny skit between his captor and himself.

As always the team did a bang up job on crafting the nuances of the Pokemon world into the real world for filming. I’m not well versed in Poke-lore, but knowing what I do I can tell that the Nuka team really captured the essence of Pokemon fandom within this short. Plus, the VFX work is amazing, which just makes the gaming in real life sketch feel so much more authentic. 

Head on up above to see why Pikachu is done fighting for his master, and if he will change is vow of laziness in the name of the Poke-ball. 

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