Pixel Ripped is the ultimate homage to any gamer that’s every had to deal with monotonous everyday life, school, work, etc., but just wanted to play their favorite game. Step into the virtual shoes of gaming addict Nicola, who wants nothing more than to play her favorite game, Pixel Ripped, and still get through school, dealing with home life, and whatnot.

The game will actually come to life around you, bringing you right back to that childhood nostalgia when games felt like they were truly alive, like they could just hop right out of your Game Boy you’ve got hidden under your desk. This game, however, is in need of some financial support, and the two-man team is asking us, the humble gamers of the world to fund their kickstarter and get this amazing looking game finished. The game will be available on the Oculus and Samsung headset hopefully next year, provided they get the funding that they need, and I really hope they do, because this game looks great, and I hope one day I get to play it myself.

Click here to go to their kickstarted and throw them a couple bucks!


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