Planetary Is the Most Innovative Music App for iPad 2

During my many hours of perusing the Apple App Store each week I come across some amazing apps that don’t cost a dime, yet they make the iPad platform even more excellent than it already is.  Over the last week I’ve found some wonderful free apps that have taken my iPad 2 to the next level of awesomeness, but one in particular stands above the pack for both its functionality and creativity.  This little app gem is called Planetary, and it will literally take your music collection out of this World!

The D Galaxy on the Left, Daft Punk Solar System on the Right


At its core Planetary is just another music management app for the iPad platform, but it completely bucks the system in regards to what you usually see in a music management app.  Planetary uses the grand mystique of the Universe to bring your music collection to life in a way that you’ve never seen before.  Rather than looking at boring album covers while you browse your catalog Planetary presents your collection as if it were its own little galaxy.  Artists are represented by colorful stars, while their albums represent planets revovling around a star.  Music tracks make up the moons of each album planet, hence the name Planetary.

Left – Tron: Legacy Reconfigured Planet Orbiting the Daft Punk Star/Right – Close Up View of the Planet and Its Moon Tracks


By using the Planetary app to browse through your catalog it’s almost as if you’re using the same type of navigation system found on board the Normandy from the Mass Effect franchise.  Each system is represented by a letter, which then corresponds to an artist.  For example, I could browse to the ‘S’ system and see various stars that reperesent artists who’s name begins with an ‘S’.  From here I could then drill into the ‘S’ stars and zero in on a particular music artist.  If I have more than one album of theirs on my iPad 2 I would then see multiple planets revolving around the artist’s star.  Trust me, it’s f*cking far out sh*t (how’s that for a grip on the English language)!

Smashing Pumpkins’ “To Sheila” Track Orbiting the Adore Planet


Once you play a song of an artist, which would be in the shape of a moon, the little heavenly body starts leaving a blue trail in its orbit as if it were trying to pull of its best Haley’s Comet impression.  Planetary doesn’t really provide any visualization to the music that is being played, but it does allow you to multi-touch your music galaxy and spin it around like Commander Shepard when he plots a new course to the next galaxy.  I can’t tell you how many minutes I’ve wasted spinning around my Daft Punk solar system while listening to the ‘Tron’ soundtrack.  Planetary basically turns us humans into a pet who likes to stare at something curious for hours on end.  If you’ve got an iPad and like to listen to music on it in a far out manner, then you have to download Planetary to your device today!  You’ve been hating me for causing you to waste more of your valuable time…


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