Planetside 2 Faction Trailers: Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic, & New Conglomerate

planetside 2 vanu sovereignty trailer

SOE has released three new trailers for Planetside 2 that take a look at three of the warring empires, which are the Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic, and the New Conglomerate.  Each faction has different views on life, but each trailer also highlights the chaotic beauty of this game.  Did I mention that Planetside 2 is free-to-play?  If you’re into the MMOFPS genre this is the game that you need to be playing.  You can check out all three faction trailers after the break.  You’ve been wishing you had a rig to play this game on…

Planetside 2 Vanu Sovereignty Faction Trailer [HD]

Planetside 2 Terran Republic Faction Trailer [HD]

Planetside 2 New Conglomerate Faction Trailer [HD]

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