Play As ‘Viridian The Abyssal’ In Dawngate

Waystone Games, the developers behind the EA published MOBA Dawngate, has patched in a new playable character named Viridian The Abyssal.

For those interested in lore, Viridian is part of a tribal race who hunt whales in the cold, dark depths for meat, oil and blubber. Viridian focuses on melee with an assassin style, dealing massive damage to single opponents.


Dan Gibson, the lead Shaper designer at Waystone said that “Viridian is going to be a Shaper that deserves to be mastered”. And it seems that having a skilled Viridian player on the opposing team can do some serious damage. The skill set for Viridian is as follows:

  • Passive – Rage Shaper – Adrenal Glands – Viridian uses Rage to cast his abilities. Viridian is healed whenever his Rage drains or is consumed.
  • Q – Knife Toss – Viridian throws a knife at the closest target prioritizing Shapers, dealing damage and causing them to take increased damage from Viridian.
  • W – Surge – Viridian dashes in target direction, then gains increased movespeed and damage on his next basic attack which allows Surge to be reactivated when used.
  • E – Heartstrike – Deals massive damage to target enemy based on his Rage. Viridian will remove any Knives in the target, returning them to his supply and allowing the target to be knifed again.
  • R – Deep Rising – Viridian summons a giant Cetan Whale in target direction, impaling the first Shaper struck and dragging them along with him. Any other Shapers hit get knocked away.

Dawngate is a newer entry in to the ‘multiplayer online battle arena’ scene, and like many other MOBA’s it’s free-to-play. The open beta arrived May 19th 2014, and is only available for Windows. If you’re a fan of MOBA’s then perhaps Dawngate is one to look out for.


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