Playing Gravity Rush 2 Made Me Feel Bad for Skipping the Original

At E3 this past June I had a chance to play Gravity Rush 2 on a PS4, and after getting through the demo I felt like a loser for not playing the original. Maybe I skipped it because it was a Vita title that didn’t look interesting to me, or possibly another game released when it did, so I bypassed it in favor or the other title, but after playing the sequel I kind of hate myself for never playing the original.

Gravity Rush 2


The demo puts you in control of Kat as you approach a port town on a Final Fantasy-style airship. Cutscenes are static in nature but feel very anime-ish, and the world is one of the most vibrant game worlds I’ve ever played in. I love the bright colorful tone and the cel-shaded-style graphics that bring the game’s world to life, so it was hard to even get the demo started as I stared in awe at the artistic world the developers created.

Gravity Rush 2

In terms of gameplay–at least from what I’ve gathered from Gravity Rush fans–it’s very similar to the original with a few changes. You essentially manipulate gravity with Kat to send her zipping through the air while guiding her to targets by turning gravity back on so she falls towards your target. This provides a frenetic experience, but it feels tight and responsive, so it’s not like you’re wildly flying through the air with no sense of control.


At the start of the demo I was just racing towards marked targets scattered across the map as if I was piloting a jet that just so happens to look like a fit blonde female, but eventually I got into some melee combat. This is where I had the most fun in Gravity Rush 2, because the combat feels like an air ballet of death. You essentially launch yourself into the air and do super-duper ninja kicks to your foe’s faces until they die. You can power the attacks for an extra punch, so the combat isn’t just mindless. You definitely have to have a plan of attack and can’t just wildly jump through the air hoping to land a few blows. The combat feels strategic in nature, but also very responsive considering you’re essentially affecting how gravity effects Kat’s movements. Again, these little battles are like a dance, so you must be on your toes and in step for any chance of success.

Gravity Rush 2

I may not have been a Gravity Rush fan going into E3, but after playing the sequel I can firmly say that I missed out on the original and am eager to check it out before the sequel drops. Gravity Rush 2 is an intoxicating title to look at, and its non-traditional take on gravity makes for a unique gameplay experience, so even if I never make it through the original I’ll definitely be a day one player for the sequel.


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