PlayStation 4 Pro 4K Console Officially Revealed, Releasing This November

Today we got some big news from Sony. The PS4 Slim is coming September 15th and the PlayStation 4 Pro is slated for a November 10th release this year, and will support HDR and 4K gaming.

Sony displayed gameplay footage in 4k showing how games will look on the new system with its 4k and HDR ( High Dynamic Range) capabilities. The system is also packing a 1 terabyte hard drive for those who want to download games digitally. It will also have double the GPU power and an improved CPU.

The HDR change they showed off was a huge wow moment for myself, so much so that the 4k was the lesser of the two features. The best part is Sony is not going to just develop for the PS4 Pro, all future titles will play on any PS4, but those who upgrade get better visuals. The Pro will actually figure out what type of TV its plugged in then output the best possible visuals for the setup. That seems to be the major change with the Pro, just better visuals and improved framerates for games running at 1080p. Luckily Sony didn’t make the Pro an all around performance boosted console, because it could have really skewed multiplayer, and heck, even single player games to give an advantage to those who can afford an upgrade.

That price was also a surprise at only $399, good on you Sony. The PS4 Pro will be available for purchase on November 10th.

Sony also revealed that all existing PS4 units will be HDR capable with a firmware update, which is ready to deploy sometime next week. This doesn’t add the ability to output 4K games, but it will allow TVs that support HDR to take advantage of the technology.


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