PlayStation Could Make Gaming Easier for Users with Disabilities

A rumor surrounding PlayStation’s soon-to-be-released firmware update could add features that will help users with auditory and visual impairments get more out of their system. The patch would offer a new list of PS4 settings, including text-to-speech, text enlargement, color inversion, closed captions, and button reassignment.

While the update is expected to be available soon, there’s been no confirmation from PlayStation execs that it will include the above added features. However if it comes to fruition, it could potentially reach out to millions of new gamers who otherwise may not have been able to enjoy the video game experience. Customizing controller buttons would make games easier for users with muscular diseases who might be unable to press the left or right trigger buttons. It may not be perfect, as some games require multiple buttons to be pressed at one time, but it’s certainly a step in the positive direction for those with disabilities. Here’s hoping it’s more than just a rumor.


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Via [Huffington Post]

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