Playstation Move Demos – Impressive But Rave-ish

Kotaku has 4 impressive tech demos for the new Playstation Move, which is due to hit store shelves this fall at various price points.  I’m a gamer that appreciates the motion-based controls, but I don’t really get a hard-on for them.  I’m lazy, I like to sit in my gaming chair like a tub of goo and hold a traditional controller.  I just can’t get excited about flailing my arms around like those dudes in orange vests on the airport runway.

Regardless of my thoughts on actually using motion-controls, I do appreciate the technology involved.  The Move’s potential is supremely showcased in the tech demos found on Kotaku’s site.  They won’t let me embed them on E.B, so go check them out here.  The 2 that struck me were the “Dummy” and “Fire” demos.  I especially was impressed with the fire demo, and how well the manipulation looked and flowed.  Just like the Kotaku guys I totally thought about Ryu’s Hadouken move while watching this.

I still can’t get over the Move’s shiny bulbs.  They scream, “Hey let’s go eat some X, turn on the black light, and listen to some sh*tty techno music!”  They just seem very flamboyant and slightly over the top.  Even thinking about them makes me want to take my shirt off and dance with another guy.  Alright, I think I’ve said enough.  You’ve been wanting to look like a kid in a rave since 1998…

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Via [Kotaku]

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