Playstation VR Hit Title ‘Moss’ Now Available On Disc

One of the highest rated PSVR games to release on the platform is now available in a physical format. This will give plenty of new VR gamers the chance to play this hit title. With this new availability comes a new update to the game that brings save slots, localization features and new updates for PS4 Pro players. Check out the full release below to see all the new features brought with this update.

About Moss Update/Physical Release:

Continuing the game’s success as a breakout VR hit, Polyarc’s Moss is available starting today as a physical disc for PSVR in most major retailers. With this physical release, even more VR gamers may be able to try Moss, the highest rated PSVR game of the last year. The game will be available starting today in GameStop, Wal-Mart, BestBuy, Target and Amazon. Along with the retail availability, the game is also receiving an update today that features save slots, localization and special features for PS4 Pro owners.

Here’s a bit more detail on the update: Save slots (3) – Players can now share Moss with others without having to interrupt their own progress Additional localization support for: Japanese – VO Spanish – subtitles and UI Italian – subtitles and UI Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) – subtitles and UI PS4 Pro support – Experience increased graphical fidelity with the latest Moss Update, specifically: Enhanced water quality with player interactivity and planar reflections throughout entire game High definition rendering for in-book sequences Best render resolution throughout all environments.

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