Podcasts – Poor Man’s Broadcasting

Yeah podcasting may be a joke in the terrestrial radio industry, but don’t let those pompous fools deter you from enjoying them.  Let’s not forget that AM/FM radio has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaurs, and is hardly the main form of media your regular person listens to these days.  With toys like satellite radio, Flo Tv, smartphones, and Ipods regular radio with all its commercials just isn’t that entertaining anymore.

Back to podcasts, the form of broadcasting that anyone can do with a little know how.  I’ve forgot how informing some of them can be.  I’m referring to The Official Lost podcast found on Itunes.  I’m slowly re-discovering some of the simple things in life since being retired and this podcast is one of them.  Today I learned that the series finale episode will be titled…..”The End”.  Pretty original huh?  Who cares, like I stated before anyone that is responsible for Lost has more creativity in their toes than most of us could ever dream of having.

Regardless, I suggest any fan should subscribe to the last remaining shows for this cast and get the real answers from the show’s creators after each episode has aired.  I only listen to the ones with Damon and Carlton, the Executive Producers, because what they speak is the truth and can’t be argued by some fat slob on a message board.  I hate those armchair losers!

You’ve been enlightened…


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