Well, it’s official, more people care about catching Pokemon than trying to get laid on Tinder or sharing their thoughts on Twitter, and you know what? I ain’t even mad, and I’m pretty sure that there’s gonna end up being Pokemon GO love stories months from now that will be equal parts nerdy and touching.

Pokemon is just one of those things that pretty much everyone already knew about in some way, shape, or form, and now, it’s accessible as heck to anyone with a smartphone, which is a whole lot of people. Old people, young people, big people, little people, normal people, me, veterans, and newbies alike! So it’s no secret, really, that it has shot to the top of all the charts on the iOS and Android marketplaces, not just in terms of downloads, but average use time per day, it’s pretty impressive! It’s being installed more than Tinder, and it’s being used more than Twitter and Instagram, which is fucking bananas, because think about all of the people you know that have and use those apps.

Anyway, check out a pretty interesting article from Digital Vision here for some informational charts about the progress that the game is making, if you can tear yourself away from the game long enough to even read this, that is.


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