Pokemon Go Would Be Much Harder if Parkour Was Involved

The Pokemon Go craze still has most of the world in its grip, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll become a forgotten app anytime soon. The game itself is super easy, you just have to get off of your ass and go outside and do some walking, which is why many people are drawn to it. What if the game required more of a physical demand, would people still flock to it?

Well the devinsupertramp YouTube channel has offered up a look at how the game would play if the Pokemon happened to be parkour masters. Let’s just say that catching them becomes a bit more taxing physically, and unless you have ninja blood there’s pretty much no chance you’d catch a single one.

In all seriousness though the video is awesome to watch and features some of the most radical parkour moves I’ve ever seen. Just check out the 1:18 mark to see one of the nastiest maneuvers a human could ever dream to pull off while parkouring their way through town.


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