Portal 2 Fan Confirms That America is Full of Over Sensitive Twits

A North Carolina man took his account of the Portal 2 gaming experience to his local news station, but his story isn’t about how awesome the game is.  Neal Stapel felt the need to let his local affiliate know that Portal 2 is an offensive game for people that have been adopted, or who have adopted children themselves.  WTF is right!  This obvious she-man felt that some of the dialogue in the game that poked fun at the protagonist’s possible adoption were pushing the boundaries of good taste.  Stapel felt it was offensive enough to quit playing the game and report his moronic findings to the news, and consequently the rest of the geek world via the Internet latching onto this ridiculous story.

Sometime I can’t even comprehend what compels people to become the moral police, especially with an issue like this.  I’m playing through Portal 2 now, and the lines that Glad0s speaks about adoption weren’t venomous enough to even register what she said as being hurtful.  It’s something as trivial as, “Ha Ha you’re adopted. Blah, Blah, Blah!”  I’m more taken back by L.A. Noire’s true to life depiction of racism during the 1950’s than some fake-a*s robot poking fun at someone for being given up by their birth parents.

What the hell is wrong with people these days?  We are slowly turning into the biggest country of p*ssies on the Planet.  Surely, some complaints are valid when it comes to pop culture picking on a certain race, religion, or sexual preference, but adoption?  Seriously?  Before you know it artist’s will no longer have the freedom to create the game, TV show, Movie, Comic, etc that they envision in their mind due to a hyper-sensitive consumer base.  Free speech will be replaced by politically correct speech out of the fear of being chastised for offending some minute section of our diverse population.

I just don’t understand why people would even waste a breath on freaking videogame that makes fun of an adopted person.  I’m thinking old Neal just wanted his 15 minutes of fame, and like a bozo I’m giving it to him.  If you’re adopted and have played Portal 2 did it offend you deeply like Mr. Stapel, or are you advanced enough to brush it off like a normal human being?  If you’re interested in seeing the news story about this douche make sure to use the link provided after the break.  You’ve been wanting to meet someone like Neal and punch him in the gut…

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