Update: Portal-ish Looking Glass Will Illuminate Your Favorite Beer

What self respecting geek wouldn’t want to drink out of a glass that looks like it’s straight out of Aperture Labs, and as an added bonus illuminates your favorite beverage to give it that sci-fi look?  Well, luckily for us geeks with a love for some suds, Carlos Zanotti Cavazzoni of Raver Studio has created the Illuminating Beer Glass!  The glass (which does look eerily familiar to something you may find in the Portal Universe) has a bottom compartment that houses a LED light disc, which in turn lights up your brew like you’ve got some radiation flowing through your hands.

I Swear That GlaDOS Had a Hand in Making This

If I could find where to buy some of these amazing beer delivery devices I snag a few in a heartbeat, but so far I’ve been unable to determine if these things are actually for sale.  I’m in the process of contacting Carlos, so if he gets back to me I’ll make sure to fill the rest of you drunks in.  You’ve been given a whole new reason to start drinking again…


Carlos got back to me, and unfortunately these bad boys will never be for sale.  He made them for an Italian Beer Campaign.  His full response is below.

“Sorry Matt, but those aren’t for sale. They’ve been created just for a commercial campaign for a beer brand in Italy.
But I’m really glad to know that you like  it, so thank you”

Oh well!  One can dream can’t he?


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