Portal Mashups: Commander Shepherd is ‘Still Alive’

If you’ve managed to miss out on both the Mass Effect and Portal franchises up until this point go punch yourself in the eye.  Once the swelling goes down get yourself acquainted with these excellent video game franchises immediately, and then punch your other eye for taking so long to finally play them.  Now that you have two shiners and some idea in regards to how awesome these gaming franchises are you need to watch the Portal/Mass Effect mashup music video below.

kJMediaOnline‘s “Commander Shepherd is Still Alive” is a gem that only fans of both series will understand.  There’s plenty of humor involved that will only make sense if you’ve played both games, but the “Still Alive” tune is catchy enough to warrant a look see regardless of your history with these games.  It has to be one of the catchiest video game credit songs of all time, and I love GLaDOS for it.  You’ve been needing to finish some Portal cheves, but you’re brain is too lazy to do so…

Commander Shepard is Still Alive

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