Some pranksters in Portland, OR can’t get enough of their Mario Kart, so they decided to paint some of the iconic pick-ups from the game all throughout a bike path that cuts through the city.  I love the idea, but I guess it’s pissing some people off.  Typically, people who get mad at stuff like this basically hate themselves so they don’t want anyone else to have fun in life either.  I call these types of people sh*theads, but I’m guessing you already have your favorite term for these folks yourself.

I say screw painting turbo panels, banana peels, stars, and mushrooms on bike paths!  Let’s get these things painted on busy highways across the world!  I would love to explain to a cop that I just rammed a car full of special children off the road because I hit a star pickup in the middle of I-71.  Looney bin here I come!  Check out the video below to see this work of gaming awesomeness for yourself.  You’ve been dying for a reason to ram other bikers from the path.

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