Possible Kinect Enabled Halo Game on the Horizon?

Gaming Reloaded recently spotted a domain name owned by 343 Studios (MS in-house Halo Dev) that may hint at a Halo game that uses the Kinect.  The domain was registered back in June of 2010 by Microsoft’s 343 Industries, which have a heavy hand in the Halo franchise.  This domain could be nothing more than 343 protecting their IP from domain squatters, or it could be the first hint at a possible FPS game that uses the Kinect.

Personally, seeing what the Kinect can do I’d totally be down for a FPS kinect game, especially a Halo one.  I really think there’s potential with this gaming genre in regards to motion controls, but if has to be done right.  What I mean by that is a motion-controlled shooter just can’t be a port of a game that was built to use a classic controller.  It has to be built from the ground up to accommodate motion controls, which will be very difficult.  I’d love to play as a fake Spartan, but after 30 minutes there’s no way my fat a*s will be down for a 2 hour FPS marathon.  I have a hard enough time making it through a few dance routines on Dance Central without wheezing like I just ran a marathon, so the thought of playing a full level of a Halo FPS has me wondering if I’ll need a trainer to get me ready to physically play each day.

We will just have to wait and see if this domain has any meaning or not.  I like the idea, but it has to be done correctly, which I’m not even sure how you do.  That’s why I’m sitting in my basement typing this article versus working as a game dev.  I trust they’ll figure it out if truly is what the name implies.  What do you knuckleheads think?  You’ve been wanting to see a Kinect enabled Halo game…

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