Potential Castles The Night King May Attack First In Game of Thrones Season 8


The final season of Game of Thrones may not debut until 2019, so in the meantime GoT fans will have to fill their time with speculations on what may go down during the show’s last run of episodes. One event that we all know is coming is the war with the Night King, who we know has crossed through the wall around Eastwatch by the Sea, and that his army of the dead is headed south. What we don’t know for sure is his target, or targets, that he plans to attack first, so I thought I’d break out a map of Westeros to predict where he may attack first.

If you look at the map of Westeros there are two very likely targets based on where the Night King broke through the wall, and there are two potential targets depending on the Night King’s plans. If his goal is to snuff out all life, then he will more than likely attack all of these targets, but if his goal is to just move the show’s plot along and have him face the hero characters, then there’s probably only one or two legitimate first targets.

Likely First Targets


Last Hearth

In terms of the likely first targets for the Night King to attack one must consider both Last Hearth and Winterfell. Last Hearth is the northern most castle not controlled by the Night’s Watch, and it’s definitely in the path of the Night King’s forces based on where they broke through the wall. Last Hearth is the home of the Umbers, and would more than likely be fortified due to its location, so if the Night King wanted to brush up on his siege tactics with his new Dragon toy, this castle could provide a test. It also would grant him even more bodies for his army, so he may want to take on Last Hearth before heading towards Winterfell.



Winterfell on the other hand is clearly going to be attacked by the Night King. You can pretty much take that to the bank. It will more than likely be where Jon, Dany, Sansa, and the rest of the heroes prepare to make their last stand, and it’s also where the Night King’s nemesis is holed up. By Bran being there as the new Three Eyed Raven one would think that the Night King will be laser focused on taking him out, because we all have to believe that Bran will have a heavy hand in defeating the Night King if he is to be defeated. It is Game of Thrones after all, so the bad guys can technically win, but I don’t see that happening.

Potential First Targets


Now these two potential targets aren’t likely to be the Night King’s initial attack points, but they may be mentioned in dialogue as our hero characters discuss the inevitable devastation the army of the dead will be inflicting upon the North. The main reason I don’t believe they’ll be featured in the show as targets is their geographic locations, which are both fairly off the beaten path from the King’s Road and the Night King’s likely travel route. Although, if he truly is hellbent on wiping out all life, there’s a chance he will attack them, but probably off screen like I described earlier.

The Dreadfort

The first location that could be a potential target is The Dreadfort, which is the former home of the Bolton family, which has been wiped out at this point in the game. It’s not clear from the show if anyone has taken up residence in The Dreadfort, but if there is a population of Northmen there, then the Night King would surely want them for his army, so he could make a detour to take out the former house of the Boltons.

Deepwood Motte 

The other location is Deepwood Motte, which is also north of Winterfell, but much father west from the King’s Road. Again, if this castle is staffed, there’s always a chance that the Night King will try to and more than likely succeed in taking it down to gain more bodies for his army. Like The Dreadfort I don’t find it to be a location that will be featured on the show, but we may hear about its fall or the attack on it during dialogue between the hero characters as they plan for the Night King’s arrival in Winterfell.

Final Thoughts


The Night King and his army are through the wall, so there’s no doubt that the North will feel their pain and wrath. With that being said it’s not clear what castle his forces will take on first. Winterfell will more than likely be the first target, which I credit to the show’s shortened final season, so they’ll just cut to the good stuff and get right to the action rather than dragging out the whole Night King attack thread. Although, I would’t be surprised if we see his forces take down Last Hearth considering that it is more than likely directly in his path to Winterfell. With that being said both The Dreadfort and Deepwood Motte could technically be first on the Night King’s list, but again due to time constraints, I don’t think the show will spend anytime on these out of the way Northern castles.


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