Potential Date for First ‘Solo’ Trailer and McGregor Talks Obi-Wan Movie

Star Wars fans, it’s time for a quick recap of a few of today’s more interesting Star Wars news items, because let’s face it, it’s always a good day when there is Star Wars news to discuss.

First off, Solo: A Star Wars Story is just five months away, but outside of some set pics and the film’s title, we haven’t been treated to any official looks at the standalone Han Solo flick. There has been no promotional materials whatsoever, which is odd considering the franchise this film lives in, and how important its success is to Disney’s Star Wars-money-making machine. You’d think we’d at least have seen a poster at this point, but that’s not the case. It’s as if this film is going stealth and hoping fans will just go and see it, which Star Wars fans will, but I’m not sure about casual film goers.

Anyway, according to the Star Wars Legacy Twitter account, which has no official titles to Lucasfilm by the way, tweeted that the first Solo trailer will debut on GMA on January 12th, which is this Friday. Rogue One, the first standalone Star Wars movie, also debuted its first trailer on GMA, so even while this tweet doesn’t come from an official source, it may indeed be legit. I mean the trailer has to drop this month regardless, because if it doesn’t we should all be worried about what the final product may look like. Either way, you know we will be all over it if the Solo trailer does drop this Friday, so stay tuned for the details as they become available.

The other big Star Wars news story coming out of the weekend is Ewan McGregor talking about a potential return to the Star Wars universe in a Kenobi standalone movie. Some think that the Kenobi film is all but a done deal, but according to Ewan, who was peppered with questions during his Golden Globes post-win interview, there is no standalone Kenobi movie yet.

“There’s a lot of talk, and I’d be happy to play him again, but I don’t know anything more than you do,”McGregor told journalists (via The Hollywood Reporter) after the awards show. “There’s a lot of talk. But it’s just that. I’d be happy to play him again. There is no plan. I love the new one. I saw it over Christmas, it was really, really beautiful.”

Take his response how you want. He’s either under an NDA and can’t say anything, or he is telling the truth. Considering that Lucasfilm and Disney haven’t officially come out and announced the Kenobi film, then we have to take Ewan at his word. Although, you know Star Wars fans and they’re speculating away on Ewan’s return, which has been bolstered with a new shot of him training with a Kenpo instructor.

I’m all about a standalone Kenobi flick, but until the powers-at-be green light it, I’m taking all news as rumors, so I’m buying McGregor’s bluff for now.


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