‘Power Rangers Legacy Wars’ Adds a Legendary New Ranger

The mobile game, Power Ranger: Legacy Wars, has taken both app stores by storm. With constant updates and new content additions pretty regularly, this is shaping up to be a very popular mobile game. There’s a huge content update on the way, featuring the new Combat 2.0 update, the new Mission Mode, and more characters. Notably so, one of the new characters on the way is the legendary White Ranger. Jason David Frank even partnered with nWay, Saban Brands, and Lionsgate to put together the White Ranger’s powerful moveset.

On top of the White Ranger being available in the latest update, there are three new characters joining him, plus Rito Revolto, one of the original big baddies. The Combat 2.0 update sees a massive overhaul to the already smart combat system in place. Though the combat was good, it needed this update. You can find more notes on the new combat update here. We’ll also be getting a new Mission System which allows players to finish daily and weekly challenges to get rewards that aren’t readily available in the PvP mode of the game.

Download the game for yourself and get ready for this amazing content update to hit your app store!


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