‘Power Rangers Legacy Wars’ Brings Comic Book Ranger Characters to Life

BOOM! Studios is partnering with nWay to bring two characters from BOOM! Studio’s record breaking Mighty Morphing Power Rangers comic book series to life. Lord Drakkon and Black Dragon will be available to play for the very first time in a video game setting. This is exciting because these are the first two canonical characters created in the MMPR universe by BOOM! Studios will be jumping off the comic book pages to a different entertainment medium.

Black Dragon, the evil zord sent to destroy Tommy Oliver.
Lord Drakkon, the evil version of Tommy Oliver that rules Earth in an alternate universe.

Lord Drakkon is an intensely evil version of Tommy Oliver that rules over his Earth, the original Green Ranger. I wonder how many versions of Tommy will end up being added to this game because by my count, this will be the fourth. Lord Drakkon made his first appearance in MMPR #9 from BOOM! Studios. Black Dragon is an evil zord sent to destroy Tommy. He made his first appearance in MMPR #4 from BOOM! Studios. This new update will also add the much requested Challenge mode and a Talents System for your warriors, adding new passive buffs that you choose. More information on the newest update can be found here!

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