PowerA is Launching New Switch Accessories

To go along with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch on the 12th, PowerA has announced some very nice accessories to go along with it. It is important to know that these are officially licensed by Nintendo, so you know they are going to be good. There are pictures in the gallery of the different accessories. The Joy-Con comfort grip is an easily accessible slide-in grip for the Joy-Cons. These will still have the openings for the sensors and will only run you $14.99. PowerA is also really well known for their charging stations and they are producing one for your Joy-Cons which will run about $29.99.

One of the more unique accessories is the PowerA Hybrid Cover. This cover provides a magnetic closure for when the Switch is outside of the dock. It can also flip open to provide multiple different playing/viewing angles. The Hybrid Cover will also come with a screen protector and a cleaning cloth and will cost $24.99. The last accessory is the Everywhere Messenger bag which has compartments to fit the entirety of your Nintendo Switch in cozy compartments. This messenger bag will be essential if you plan to take your Switch out frequently and will only cost you $29.99. All of these accessories are due to launch in March at the same time as the Switch.

For more information, to go PowerA’s website here!

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