Practice Your Talk Show Host Skills with Avatar Kinect Today!

Avatar Kinect is the latest piece of software to be released under the Kinect Fun Labs suite for no cost to Xbox Live members.  Avatar Kinect enables Xbox Live Gold members (Silver members get to use it for 45 days then bye bye) to film themselves and a group of friends hanging out in a digital space, but rather than being represented by their actual appearance each gamer and their corresponding actions will be played out by their avatars.  Basically, you can have online meetings without looking at your ugly a*s friends/co-workers real faces!  It sounds gimmicky, but hey, it’s FREE, so how bad can it really be?  I’ll be checking it out to see if I can utilize it in anyway for the site, so stay tuned for my chubby little avatar’s debut (if possible)!

On a side note, Kinect Sparkler will debut later this week for the nominal fee of 240 MS Points.  This gadget will allow you to draw in the air and have a trail of light show up on the screen behind your motion, Meh.  If anything, MS is definitely ramping up their support of the Kinect, so it’s exciting to see all of the DLC that is coming down the pipe for it.  You can see Avatar Kinect in action down below.  You’ve been wanting an EB Avatar Kinect Talk Show…

Avatar Kinect Launch Trailer



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