Pre-Orders For Contrast Now Live, Deep Discounts and New Music Trailer to Celebrate

Atmosphere for days.

Atmosphere for days.

Today brings good news to fans of the upcoming, sleek and shadowy puzzle/platformer, Contrast.

The news comes in the form of a brand new trailer, featuring some of the hauntingly beautiful music of Contrast, played over a masterfully animated scene that shows off the game’s inspired world.

Contrast’s thumping music adds tons of atmosphere to the game’s gorgeous world filled with mystery and vibrant characters.

Better yet, pre-orders for Contrast are now live via Steam, and those who take advantage will receive a whopping twenty-five percent off Contrast’s collector’s edition, as well as the games amazing OST (the music in the trailer below proves that this is worth the money), and an official artbook.

Jazz, shadows, puzzles, platforming and style are the name of the game when it comes to Contrast, look out for its November 15th release.

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