Predator the Musical? Yeah It Works…

If musicals were based upon sci-fi action movies I think more men would be willing to go to the theater, and I’m talking about men who like girls.  I’m not a big fan of this entertainment medium, but after watching a 3 minute musical version of Predator I could totally see myself becoming a cultured citizen.  Rather than singing about AIDS, or other serious topics; the Predator musical just focuses on guns and death, which any dude can get behind.  Plus, Ah-nold has a wonderful singing voice that could easily score him a spot on American Idol once he retires.  Ladies, if you want your man to be more sophisticated make sure to present it in a way that involves alien assassins, action-stars, and bloody guts.  Use the Predator musical as a reference, which you can see below.  You’ve been wanting to see a live-action version of this at Carnegie Hall…




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