In a rare moment of breaking the norm, I decided to go and see “Predators” yesterday evening.  This is the newest film in the Predator franchise, and it doesn’t involve any Aliens shenanigans.  To my surprise it’s probably one of the best Predator movies since the original had Arnold screaming, “Get to the choppa!”  I had a hard time believing that Adrien Brody could play a bada*s going into my viewing, and although it was still hard to pretend that this pelican-nosed bean pole could pull of an action role while I watched the film, I found that he eventually grew on me.  I’m still not 100% sold that he’s the best fit for the lead role, but once I got past how big his nose was the illusion took root, and I immersed myself into the “Predators” film.

Outside of the whole Brody as a bada*s dilemma, I felt that “Predators” did what it set out to do, which is entertain the fans of the Predator franchise.  This movie will win no awards for the acting performances, or for any great technical achievements, but it will remind you how cool the Predator franchise is.  In fact, I’d say the best part of this film is the Predators themselves.  There are some great hunting scenes as well as some awesome decapitations and body explosions, which remind you how cool it would be to have a cloaking device and a shoulder mounted canon.  Imagine the havoc you could wreak with that setup!  I don’t think your neighbor’s dog would be sh*tting in your yard anymore after the first time you de-cloaked in front of them, and painted their forehead with a triangle shaped targeting laser!

The premise of the movie is similar to the first one in that the humans are all in a jungle trying to not get killed, except this time their on a different planet.  Think of it as a game preserve where Predators bring different species to hunt.  It just so happens our humans were brought there to be prey for the Predators clan, rather than a Predator going to Earth for the hunt.  I loved how “Predators” implemented the music from the original film’s score.  It really helps to set the mood and tone of the jungle, as well as serve as a reminder of Predators past.  Again, it’s not a screenplay that’ll win awards, but it works for the fiction being presented and entertains.

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi you will like “Predators”.  It is what it is, and that’s a gory throwback to the Predator franchise.  Robert Rodriguez does a great job of giving Predator fans what they want, and that is blood and guts!  It’s not the best Sci-Fi film I’ve ever seen, but at the same time it’s a great use of 2 hours of your time.  If you can get over Adrien Brody as the lead, which isn’t hard because he really is a good actor, you’ll enjoy this film.

It’s not as finely polished as say the Batman reboots, but it’s much better than the AVP films that have been released.  I’d give it a 7.5/10, and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re needing a Sci-Fi fix.  Here’s to the sequel, which is viable if they make enough money with this one.  You’ve been de-spined…

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