Preemptive Nostalgia: The Ten Best PlayStation 3 Exclusives

November 15th is coming up quickly. In just over a month, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will hit the market. Anticipation for the upcoming console is at an all-time high thanks largely to Sony’s brilliant marketing and innovation with the PlayStation 4, making it perhaps the most desirable console in the history of video gaming. With the advent of a new console, it is inevitable that the current-gen systems will fall by the wayside. Even though the PlayStation 3 still has considerable life behind it, the time to bid the console a fond farewell to the console and look forward to the future. The PlayStation 3 has brought the world dozens of great games, and the list below takes a look at the best of the best in the PS3’s library.

10) Folklore:


An early PS3 title, Folklore is an action-RPG developed by the now defunt Game Republic. Folklore has the distinct privilege of being one of the PlayStation 3’s most interesting titles, featuring two protagonists, an Irish village setting, and a mysterious Netherworld filled with mythical spirits and creatures right from storybooks. Players were able to switch between the game’s protagonists – Ellen and Keats – while exploring the village of Doolin and solving various puzzles and completing quests. When shifting to the Netherworld, Folklore bared its action-RPG fangs, where players would fight enemies using ‘folk’ spirits in combat. Folklore’s Netherworld is brilliantly realized, combining strange scenery and vibrant colors that truly stood out when juxtaposed against the real-world location of Doolin. One of the most slept on PlayStation 3 titles, Folklore is a bargain-bin necessity for anyone looking for an offbeat and interesting RPG experience.

9) 3D Dot Game Heroes:


Silicon Studio’s love letter to the 8-bit era of gaming, 3D Dot Game Heroes simply oozes charm and character. Drawing heavily from The Legend of Zelda and early Dragon Warrior titles, 3D Dot Game Heroes is essentially in many ways a more modern take on an archaic genre. Old school adventuring is par for the course in 3D Dot Game Heroes, as players spent their time roaming across the kingdom of Dotnia as their hero attempted to restore peace to the land. The game features tons of exploration, upgrades and a complete character creator that allowed players to fully create a hero pixel by pixel. Older gamers will feel right at home with 3D Dot Game Heroes, as it references retro games in spades and the younger generation could stand to learn a thing or two from this game.

8) Resistance 3:


The final chapter in Insomniac Games’ PlayStation 3 exclusive Resistance trilogy, Resistance 3 wowed audiences with its top notch visuals and air-tight shooting mechanics. In the spirit of Resistance 3’s predecessors, the game features a bevy of awesome weapons, both traditional and alien, each with jaw dropping alternate firing options. Resistance 3’s somewhat post-apocalyptic setting was a departure from previous entries and fitting for the game’s much bleaker narrative.

7) LittleBigPlanet:


LittleBigPlanet put almost absolute power into the hands of PlayStation 3 owners. Both a quirky platformer and an endlessly powerful game creation tool, LittleBigPlanet’s success gave even the most inexperienced an opportunity to become a game creator. The game’s iconic, and completely customizable Sackboy, jumped his way into the hearts of PlayStation 3 owners, ushering in a new era of creativity and expression. Despite some brutal platforming sections, LittleBigPlanet offers countless hours of entertainment and chuckles.

6) God of War III:


Kratos’ never ending fury won God of War III plenty of accolades when the game came out in 2010. Carrying on the series’ tradition of brutal combat and larger than life boss battles, God of War brought Kratos and his mythological company to life like never before. Chock full of blood, weaponry, and horrific creatures, God of War III has earned its place next to the best of the PlayStation 3’s library.

5) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:


The middle of Nathan Drake’s saga, Uncharted 2, took the intrepid adventurer to the Himalayan. Noted for having amazing graphics and utterly stunning locations, Uncharted 2 is considered by many to the crown jewel of the franchise. Uncharted 2 captures the very essence of adventure movie greats and seamlessly incorporates them into video game experience that easily could fit the silver screen.

4) Valkyria Chronicles:


Valkyria Chronicles is without a doubt one of the most underrated game of the current console generation. Lauded by critics but passed over commercially, Valkyria Chronicles has never rightfully enjoyed the success it deserves. With perhaps the PlayStation 3’s best looking visuals, all brilliantly hand illustrated, deep strategic gameplay, and an engaging World War II inspired narrative, Valkyria Chronicles has a lot to offer in a masterfully presented package. Players took on the roll of Welkin Gunther, and unlikely but completely capable man as he leads a force of freedom fighters against the East Europan Imperial Alliance. Filled with memorable characters – each with their own traits and personality – and the ability to manually control units when in combat, Valkyria Chronicles blended storytelling, strategy, and role-playing elements in a way that made for a deep, yet still accessible game.

3) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots:


Solid Snake’s PlayStation 3 debut was a technically sound and visually jaw-dropping affair. As is to be expected from a Metal Gear Solid title, MGS4 was as every bit verbose and it was exciting and engaging. Director Hideo Kojima’s never-ending attention to detail and storytelling was taken to new heights in MGS4, allowing for a level of emotional investment in the game that had never before been seen. MGS4 innovated the beloved franchise, creating the most streamlined control scheme to date while still allowing for the deepest gameplay in the series. In typical Kojima fare, MGS4 is loaded with more content and characters than one could ever possibly wrap their head around first go – providing for a lengthy story that is worth playing over and over again.

2) Demon’s Souls:


Demon’s Souls caused a video game revolution. The atmospheric, challenging RPG took a no holds barred approach to video game design that hadn’t been seen in years. Any enemy in Demon’s Souls could – and would – spell certain death for the player, forcing gamers to learn from their mistakes or continually suffer the horrible consequences. A cult phenomenon, Demon’s Souls and its implicit storytelling has earned it praise as one of the best designed games of all time. Few games ever released have had such a difficulty curve and have been as punishing as Demon’s Souls, building a dedicated fanbase that keeps returning to Boletaria time and time again. With bleak storytelling, interesting characters, and some of the greatest boss fights ever seen in a game, Demon’s Souls is not only one of the best PlayStation 3 titles, but one of the greatest games ever conceived.

1) The Last of Us:


It’s impossible to own a PlayStation 3 and not have heard the virtually unanimous praise for The Last of Us. The post-apocalyptic adventure won the gaming world over upon its release this year and has been heralded as one of the best titles of all time. Featuring the best graphics seen on Sony’s PlayStation 3, unbelievable animations, and one of the most memorable plots of all time, the tale of Joel and Ellie’s quest for survival is an experience that stays with the player long after the credits roll.

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