Prepare for Bloodborne with the ‘Cut You Down’ Trailer

After a slew of TV spots and newly released gameplay footage, the video gaming masses are finally starting to get a solid grasp of what Bloodborne is all about. The latest trailer, entitled ‘Cut You Down’, hammers the core elements of Bloodborne home even further: brutal combat, blood-spewing enemies, and quick movement are king in From Software’s upcoming title.

The ‘Cut You Down’ trailer is comprised mainly of footage that has already been seen in one form of another, but still a welcome addition to the Bloodborne pre-release hype train. From Software and Sony have created an atmopshere of tension and high-stakes combat in Bloodborne; something that has PlayStation 4 owners chomping at the bits.

Bloodborne is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on March 24, 2015.


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