Prepare for Jon Snow Feels With This Excellent Fan Made Trailer for Aegon Targaryan’s Journey So Far

The Garo Studios YouTube channel has put out a highly emotional look at Jon Snow’s journey in Game of Thrones, but it’s done in a way that builds the former bastard up to his true lineage, which really brings the feels if you’re a die hard GoT fan.

This Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryan tribute is nothing short of beautiful. It starts with a simple quote from the show’s first season, “What’s your story, bastard?”, and then proceeds to retell Jon’s story by featuring all of the people in his life that have molded him into the man he is by the time Season 7 ended.

What makes it so powerful is how it highlights the fact that Jon, for his whole life, has considered himself a lowly bastard, but now thanks to Bran’s visions, we know the truth about him. So seeing clips from the various seasons of Jon essentially acting like his real Dad, a great man, it just pulls on the heart strings.

Just go watch the damn thing already, it’s too good to even describe, you’ll understand when you check it out.

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